Thai Friends Volunteer Project

        The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has initiated the Friends from Thailand (FFT) Volunteer Program since 2003 under the mission of the Department of International Cooperation for Development Cooperation in Thailand. By sending Thai volunteers to work abroad under development projects and at the request of various cooperation partners, which expands the model of cooperation for Thai development in addition to the former focusing on operations in The nature of the project, scholarships/training scholarships to send experts to work. and supporting materials for operations

        by targeting recipients at the local level and the people To promote Thailand’s role as a cooperative partner for development in driving the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda, strengthening relationships and positive attitudes towards Thailand at the people’s level, promoting Thai identity, as well as developing and expanding opportunities for personnel. Thailand’s youth level has developed more international work potential. The target countries for sending Thai volunteers to work are neighboring countries and other developing countries in South Asia. and Africa, so far, there are 163 Thai volunteers.

        In this regard, the Friends of Thailand Volunteer Project has been approved by the Committee on Economic and Technical Cooperation Policy No. 1/2003 and the Cabinet has passed a resolution on March 4, 2003 to acknowledge and approve the results of the committee meeting. Director already mentioned



Branch of cooperation that sends volunteers from Thai friends to work abroad It is a branch that builds trust in the countries of cooperation. and in line with the fields of cooperation for development of Thailand such as

Target branch

Public health

: nurses, community health, basic public health


: field crops, horticulture, highland agriculture, forestry

Skilled labor

: technician


: Teaching computers Teaching Thai

Rural development

: participatory development promoting community learning, establishing a development organization community environmental management

Thai identity

: Sports, food, other cultures


Qualifications of project participants


          Department of International Cooperation Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces the annual recruitment of Thai friends volunteers and appoint a committee to select volunteers by inviting experts in various fields to join the selection committee by organizing a body of knowledge test and organizing training to prepare before going on duty in a foreign country

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